About Us

proAXIS, Inc’s primary mission is to launch software and technology services companies in the Ibero-America marketplace (Latin America, Central America, Mexico, The Caribbean, Spain & Portugal) and facilitate and improve sales, business development and partnerships for technology in Ibero-America through our network of qualified and successful distributors and resellers in the region.

proAxis is a business development organization specializing in the Ibero-America region. Our focus is Enterprise software and services in the Security, Mainframe, Identity and Access Management, Mobile and Networks areas. We speak the languages of the region (Spanish, Portuguese, French and English) we understand and help our clients deal with the cultural dynamics of the region, have the expertise and run successful distributed channel organizations.

We are Master Distributors and have an established network of in-country Resellers, Systems Integrators and Distributors that can provide local sales and support to their customers as well as software implementation and integration in various vertical markets. We serve government, banking, finance, multi nationals, utilities and telecom companies. We are ideally suited to create additional sources of revenue for software companies in the early or mid-stages as well as enhance the presence, support and revenue levels for established organizations worldwide.

The principals of the company have more than 40 years of combined successful management, recruiting and training of partners in the region, and have been executives with technology companies such as Informatics General, Cincom Systems, Software AG, Symark, Globalink, Global Software, PSINet and RealityMobile; as well as independent Business Development professionals.

We research and identify software companies in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America that have the best solutions for our network of Resellers and Distributors in the region. We are a single point of contact for our vendor clients. It is like having your own International Department for Ibero-America on an outsourced mode without the expense and management overhead. Our current portfolio of solutions includes companies from the US, Spain, Cyprus, Israel and Argentina.

proAXIS is based in the Miami, Florida metro area, which facilitates access to important entities and networks that its founders and associates have developed over many years of sales and business development in the technology markets.