Imagine if you could harness the collective wisdom of everyone who’s interested in the same questions and solutions as you. Now you can.

Communities of Practice
Fuel your Mission with the Breezio platform Vision!
If it’s a collective mission that brings your community together, let Breezio help make participation easier. Whether it’s your day job, personal passion or professional hobby, Breezio’s ability to help you effectively impact your community will help keep you mission focused. Assemble a collection of articles, videos, social media snippets, and any other knowledge documentation you would normally share at meetings, conferences, and workshops and collaborate around it virtually in order to maximize experts’ time and resources between events.

Membership & Association
It’s becoming costlier and more difficult to capture and keep member attention, and Breezio’s got the solution!
Is the rise of social networks, meetup groups and other sources of information and relationship building competing for your members’ attention? Are standard listservs serving the content needs of your community, or are they…. Let Breezio help you capture mindshare and gain insight. Become the convener for the best minds in your field who come together to teach, learn and engage as a new marketplace for ideas and best practices. Develop and share the compelling content you need to grow and retain the members, volunteers, and committees you value most beyond the reach of your traditional events.

Training & Learning
Keep knowledge relevant with Breezio’s peer-supported and interested-powered features.
Do you know if the training you are providing meets the demands of those that need it most? What are the best practices of delivering training to your organization? Do you need visibility into the engagement or disengagement of your content? Look no further because Breezio’s got the answers! We provide the final piece of the lifecycle of learning puzzle so you can revise and deliver results rapidly based on interest-powered insights.

Research & Team Science
It’s challenging to truly collaborate around research, let Breezio help!
We get that you’re trying to bring all your content and data into one place in order to increase the effectiveness of science teams, and that coordination is key to gain insights into the content and data that’s being produced as a result of your research. Breezio can help you achieve these goals in a secure online environment that allows your teams to share previously scattered and siloed information and increase the rate of your outputs.